29,30 & 1
JUN/JUL 2018 

Prizes 2017

Over $70,000 in Prizes and Lucky Draws are expected to be awarded at the 2017 Family Fishing Classic

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Overall "heaviest fish" in each species of reef and estuary
Live and Dead, Junior & Senior, Open and mystery weight sections
Prizes proudly sponsored by Tackle World Bundaberg, Burnett Heads Marina, Rum City Locks & Security and Queensland Computers

3 boats for Major Senior Lucky Draws

Saturday draw: Quintrex 390 Explorer open boat, wide mouth bass wrap, Suzuki 30hp 2 stroke, alum trailer, bimini, safety pack & registrations – valued at $11,200

Sunday 1st draw: Quintrex 390 Explorer open boat, mangrove jack wrap, Suzuki 30hp 2 stroke, alum trailer, bimini, safety pack & registrations – valued at $11,200

Sunday 2nd draw: Quintrex 440 Renegade Side Console, trevally wrap, Suzuki 50hp 4 stroke alum trailer, sounder, bimini, safety pack & registrations – valued at $28,400

Sponsored by Boats Galore Bundaberg, Suzuki Marine and Marine Rescue Bundaberg

Total senior lucky draw prizes valued at $50,800

Major Junior Lucky Draw

Junior Kayak to be drawn Sunday 25th June - proudly sponsored by Burnett Heads Marina


Family Fishing Classic - Lucky Draws
The winners of the lucky draws must present themselves with their registration card (photo I/D also required for the major lucky draw) within one (1) minute of being called or another draw will occur until a winner comes forward. All entrants in the Classic are included in the Lucky Draws regardless of whether they have weighed in a fish or not. Members of VMR Bundaberg who have paid their entry fees are eligible to participate in all lucky draws. Remember, you must be present to win.





Live Dead Live Dead Dead
Bream Bream Bream Bream Mackerel / Tuna
Whiting Whiting Whiting Whiting Cobia
Flathead Flathead Flathead Flathead Parrot / Tusk
Trumpeter Trumpeter Trumpeter Trumpeter Snapper
Red Emperor
Coral Trout
N.B. Prizes for 1st & 2nd categories will be awarded at the Sunday presentations for the overall heaviest fish in the respective categories weighed in during event.




Live or Dead Live or Dead
Bream Bream
Whiting Whiting
Flathead Flathead
Trumpeter Trumpeter
NB: Prizes for the mystery weight categories will be awarded at both the Saturday and Sunday presentations. The mystery weights will be revealed at the presentations.

Lucky Draw of Category Winners

Junior Estuary
live only

Senior Estuary
live only

Open Reef

Heaviest bream, whiting, flathead or trumpeter in a lucky draw for 1 prize Heaviest bream, whiting, flathead or trumpeter in a lucky draw for 1 prize Heaviest mackerel/tuna, cobia, parrot/tusk, snapper, red emperor, sweetlip & coral trout in a lucky draw for 1 prize
NB: Only three prizes are available by lucky draw for this section. Only one prize will be drawn for each of the above three categories on the Sunday of the Classic.
The three prizes are proudly sponsored by Queensland Computers.


All entrants registering by 21st June 2017 will be eligible.

Marine Rescue Bundaberg maintains a radio watch from 0600 hrs until 1800 hrs daily. Boating participants are asked to log on with Marine Rescue Bundaberg VMR488 using VHF ch 81. Entrants fishing offshore overnight are strongly encouraged to log on prior to VMR closing at 1800hrs. VHF ch 16 is monitored continuously for emergencies.

Organisers or Sponsors accept no liability for any injury, damage of any person in the course of excursion whether such an injury is due to any act, neglect or default of any official or agent. All competitors fully understand that in participating they do so entirely at their own risk. Volunteer Marine Rescue Bundaberg Inc will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death or other claims sustained in conjunction to or prior to or during or after the event howsoever caused.

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